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People are looking to buy from you but can't find you.
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What we do

Elevate your lead generation with GathX, a performance-driven B2B agency. Our strategy revolves around sending hyper-personalized cold emails at scale to secure an abundance of meetings with your ideal clients looking for your company.

Our process

Step 1: Complete the Onboarding Form

Upon accepting our proposal, we'll request you to complete an onboarding form to gain a deeper understanding of your business and objectives.

Step 2: Schedule a Kickoff Call

We will conduct a kickoff call with you to discuss the details from the onboarding form and devise an initial campaign strategy.

Step 3: Onboarding Setup

Utilizing the insights gathered during the kickoff call, we will configure your email inboxes, curate a high-quality lead list, and craft a compelling campaign cadence.

Step 4: Launch Your Campaign

Once the campaign cadence and lead list receive your approval, our skilled team will initiate your tailor-made campaign and engage your target audience effectively.

Step 5: Deliver Meeting-Ready Leads

As soon as we identify a meeting-ready lead, we'll seamlessly deliver it straight to your inbox using our seamless email integration, ensuring you never miss any valuable opportunities.

Step 6: Campaign Enhancements

In addition to providing weekly reports, we will conduct a monthly check-in call to provide insights and recommend adjustments for continuous campaign improvement.

How we helped Colin and Aurora Health

Meeting Ready Leadss

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